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Senate has legalised recreational Canada use nationwide

Canada legalises marijuana use nationwide

Canadian Senate has passed a law legalising the recreational use of marijuana nationwide in what has been considered a close call. The Cannabis Act passed its final hurdle on Tuesday in a 52-29 vote in …
Financial Reporting Council is investigating KPMG

FRC investigating KPMG’s unacceptable audit work

The auditing work of one of the world’s “Big Four” accounting firms has been sharply criticised by the industry’s watchdog. KPMG audits had shown an “unacceptable deterioration” and will be subject to closer supervision, the …
President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria introduced the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Clinics, MSME in 2017

Stabilizing the economy through MSME Clinics

By Amaechi Agbo “In a society in which nearly everybody is dominated by somebody else’s mind or by a disembodied mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn the truth about the activities of governments and …