Muslims offer to guard churches during Christmas services

FILE: Muslims have offered to guard churches during Christmas service in Indonesia

Muslims in Indonesia have offered to guard churches and prevent any attack during the Christmas service as countries around the World tighten security ahead of the celebration.

This is coming as Christians around the World, especially in Islamic nations have heightened security alert following the threats of attacks and the bombing of a Methodist Church in Pakistan.

Security and threats of attacks had reached a precarious state after US President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The recognition was followed by several meetings of Islamic countries and groups while some of the groups have threatened to visit mayhem on the World.

However, it is not so for Muslims in Indonesia as they have vowed that they would provide security for their “brothers” who are celebrating Christmas.

The Muslim volunteers in Indonesia, the largest Muslim-majority country, are already on standby to provide additional security if requested.

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“If our brother and sisters who celebrate Christmas need … to maintain their security to worship, we will help,” said Yaqut Chiolil Qoumas, chairman of the youth wing of the Nahdlatul Ulema, one of the country’s biggest Muslim organizations.

Indonesia suffered a Christmas attack in year 2000 when over 20 persons were killed. The country has now stepped up security to forestall any recurrence.

Christmas church services and other celebrations are being held this weekend under the gaze of armed guards and security cameras in many countries.

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